Preschoolers: 11:30am unless staying for after school care.

Kindergartners: 1:30pm unless staying for after school care.

If you are prevented from picking up your child up (by 11:45am for preschool) he/she will be taken to daycare and you may pick them up there.

There is a $3.50 charge after 11:45am for the preschoolers.

West End Kindergarten and After School Care follow the Knox County schedule for snow and bad weather. When Knox County closes for sickness, WEK will also be closed.
· Knox County closed- WEK closed.
· Knox County 1 hour late- WEK 1 hour late.
· Knox County 2 hour late- WEK 2 hour late.
· Knox County closes during the day- WEK will also close.
Please pick-up your children as soon as possible.
West End is not required to make up snow days unless missed days are more than eight school days. The calendar will be adjusted accordingly if this should happen.

Please arrive on time. Classes open at 8:15am. If you arrive early you will be charged for early care.

Entrances for the classes are as follows:
3 Year old classes-Please park in parking areas and escort your child into the building. Pick up your children in the front circle drive. Enter through the double doors at the left of the main entrance.
4 year old classes- follow the walkway past the playground gate to the back entrance of the building. Pick up is on the circle drive at the back of the building. Walk with your children to the classroom.
Kindergarten Class- enters the building through the double doors located on the circle drive at the back of the building. Pick-up is in same area.
Early care arrivals- enter through the playground gate and use the door to the PT 3s and 4s classroom.

Day Care departures-

  • 3 year old and PreK 4 classes: 11:30am- 12:30pm pick up your child in their classroom. After 12:30 pick them up in the 4-year old classroom.
  • 4 year old classes: after 11:45am pick up in 4 year old class room closest to playground.
  • Kindergarten: After 1:30 pick up your child in the 4-year old classroom.


  • Written permission is required for your child to leave school with someone not listed on the BLUE emergency card.
  • You may call ahead if you forget to write a note and give the person’s name and recognizable characteristics.
  • We will ask to see identification if we do not know the person picking up your child.
  • A written note should be sent when a person other than a routine person is picking up your child from school. Please sig and date the note.

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