Start each day happy!
A calm beginning at home makes things better at school.

Please go to your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns as soon as possible.

Provide at least 8 hours of sleep and a good breakfast.

Praise your child each day. Have a special place to display your child’s efforts.

Ask your child what he or she enjoyed at school each day.

Speak of school in pleasant terms… attitudes developed this year may set the tone for the entire school experience.
Listen attentively to your child as he/she talks about school experiences. Let him/her know that you think what happens in school is important.

Practice good attendance and 8:30am-promptness! Tardiness means missed playtime with friends and leads to occasional disruptive behavior during structured time.
Read to your child daily.

Help your child develop independence by letting him or her:
· Choose clothing and dress himself
· Help with appropriate chores at home
· Try to solve problems on his own

Most importantly, join us in prayer that we will meet your child’s needs!


West End Kindergarten and After School Care follow the Knox County schedule for snow and bad weather. When Knox County closes for sickness, WEK will also be closed.

  • Knox County closed- WEK closed.
  • Knox County 1 hour late- WEK 1 hour late.
  • Knox County 2 hours late- WEK 2 hours late.
  • Knox County closes during the day- WEK will also close. Please pick up your children as soon as possible.

West End is not required to make up snow days unless missed days are more than eight school days. The calendar will be adjusted accordingly if this should happen.

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